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Monday, October 13, 2008


Do you give your students a "Pre-test?" I usually give my students a pre-test prior to starting a new section or unit. Why? So that I have something to provide an indicator that they may have learned something. It helps introduce them to the next section or unit. It can give them a sense that they made academic progress.

However, in the sense of pre-testing for students to "test out" of having to do a unit and then be offered a more individualized, challenging course of study on that section or unit, this has never happened to me since I have been giving pre-tests.

What do you think? Is giving pre-tests a positive thing or a waste of time? Do they really matter when the vast majority of your students have never formally learned or been exposed to history ? Please share your opinions and thoughts on this subject.

Thanks for reading my blog. I look forward to this discussion.