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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Teacher Behavior

Teachers in the news seem to be like Catholic priests; usually it is one of the tiny minority of them who do some evil that makes the news. I have been reading over the past few months of a charter school in suburban San Diego, Helix High School, had a series of "teachers behaving badly" incidents. In the past two years, four teachers at Helix high school have been caught and convicted of having improper sexual relations with students. Not that it matters, but one of these teachers taught Business, one taught Geography and two were Music teachers.

I don't quite know how or why a teacher can get themselves into sexual trouble with a minor at their school. Maybe they try to be too much of a buddy with their students? I don't know. I was always taught that there is no room for such behavior in a "teacher - student" relationship at any level of education, including college/university. Yes, I know it has happened. And it usually makes the news and casts a negative eye towards ALL teachers.

Anyhow, now it seems that Helix High School teachers will have a formal policy instructing teachers how to behave with students. It included, "kissing a student, intentionally being alone with a student away from the school or making sexually inappropriate comments." It cautions teachers regarding "giving a student a ride to or from school or school activities without parental permission, excessive attention to a particular student and making remarks about physical attributes."

Teachers can, "give students praise without touching them." Teachers are asked to think, "Are your actions worth your job and career?"

On the occasions when I have had student teachers, I have repeatedly cautioned them about what is considered proper and improper behavior around students. I don't know how much of this they are told about or discuss in education classes at their university. But, as in any profession in which we deal with people, there are expected norms for behavior and relationships. Teachers are under these rules too.

Anyhow, you teachers out there, BEHAVE yourself ! I am sure that this is NOT a problem for any teacher reading this blog.

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