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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Still Here

Well, this blog is still here. I really appreciate the comments encouraging me to just take a break and not to destroy / kill this blog. Thank You for your support and encouragement. For now, this blog will live......

But, it has been heavily edited. Things that "could and would be held against me in the eyes of certain district personnel" have been deleted. Over 100 posts are gone. I do have something to say, and while I may not get to say everything I WANT to say, I will keep this blog (for now), to have a soap box to continue to still say a few things.

Monday, something happened to me that has NEVER happened to me in all 23+ years of teaching; a student hurled on me. In all my years, only two students have ever hurled in my classroom. The first time was just last year. Then, again, on Monday.
I was handing back student work and the student "got me" as I walked past. Got my left pant leg. And now my cruddy classroom carpet has another large splochy stain on it. I really hope this is not the start of some gross trend. And, fortunatly, no one else hurled in response to hurler #1.

Starting today on California State Social Studies Standard 7 - 2 - 6, Contributions of Muslim Culture and Civilization. In a nutshell, there will be massive Cornell Notes created and the assessment activity will be a 10 + 10 activity (ten pictures of Muslim Contributions with explainations). Then, our department Islam Post-Test and on to Africa, or maybe China, Japan or Medieval Europe.

Six teaching days until Christmas break.

Thanks for reading my blog ! I welcome your comments!