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Sunday, March 25, 2007

UPDATE to previous Blog post.....

I recently blogged about the juvenile courts in the "big metropolitan" areas sending gang bangers to rural schools instead of to jail where they belong.

I was amazed to hear today, from a retired teacher who "helps" out at our local alternative high school, that the two gang bangers who set fire to one of our local high schools were placed at the alternative high school, pending expulsion ! And since their arrival at the alternative high school, they have been involved in several fights and other disruptive behaviors !

Why are these two criminals not in jail?????? I can't believe they would be released from custody prior to their court date for what I always thought was a major felony, arson. But no, they just shipped them to another school! Incredible!

And the high school they tried to torch is one that my boys might attend.......S--T !

IMO, district officials who allowed this should be fired. The juvenile court people responsible for such bleeding heart treatment of these thugs should be fired. The editors of our local bird-cage liner should be shamed out of journalism for their failure to follow up on this story and for their failure to launch a journalistic campaign or series of investigative reports about the condition of our local schools and those who administrate them. But, the local editors are really fast to bash the teachers who are trying to teach these kids. ( the county in which I reside and teach is at least 85% "minority/recent illiterate immigrants and is at the bottom of all California Counties for economic stuff )

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