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Monday, March 26, 2007

YOU are not included. or Wanted.....!

Today at my school site, we received notice from the local CTA Uniserve office that there would be elections in May for our area CTA State Council Representatives. The election will be for a Representative, alternative representative, member-at- large and alternative member-at-large. I looked over the application form for those who wish to be a member from this area (in Southern California) to the CTA State Council......and I am not eligible as per CTA Rules !

Why ? Because I am NOT what CTA calls a "minority" The CTA State Assembly Member-at-large representatives can only be a "minority". Dispite the fact that I pay over $900 annually in union dues, (of which over $700. goes to CTA), CTA is officially forbidding me from seeking a position as a "member-at-large" Representative to their state assembly! I am a male teacher, doesn't that make me a "minority"? I live in a county in Southern California that is 85-90% Hispanic; doesn't that make me a "minority"? No. CTA says that because my ancestors are white people from Europe, I am not a "minority".

CTA and their parental unit, the NEA spout off about equality and fairness, and this is what I get ?????

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